special-clean removeS indoor mold pollution professionally and securely and cleans air conditioning and ventilation systems reliably.

Our dynamic inner room cleaning method for microbiological contamination is spore-, and dust-neutral and poison-free.
The remediation is accompanied by quality control.


  • short remediation times for mold removal
  • quick re-use of living space
  • controlled air guidance, no complicated dust protection
  • optimal cleaning quality
  • low costs
  • safety due to internal remediation controls
Your Health and well-being are our highest priority!


Fresh and clean air starting the remediation.


D-MIR®-certification and quality standard


We work according to D-MIR® quality standard. This sets the procedure for the dynamic cleaning of microbiologically contaminated interior.

Our employees are personally certified as professionals for mold removal according to D-MIR® standard. This certification is checked within regular intervals.


With the procedure according to D-MIR®
  • users are certified to mechanically, consequently, professionally, and dynamically remove microbiological contamination from inner rooms
  • for the spatial air as well as for the surfaces in the cleaning area, no microbiological or chemical pollution develops
  • complicated dust protection measures during remediation are not necessary
  • the channels of air conditioning and ventilation systems are optimally cleaned mechanically